Software Consultancy

Software Consultancy Services

Our expert software consultancy services are made to measure for your business. We carefully evaluate the specific suitability of each software service, taking into account the entire internal system of your business and how they can or should link together for optimal operation, which can be imperative to the continued success of a business.

Strategic Cloud Solutions

We offer consultancy for ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) suitability, using our expertise to find the right SaaS solution for you. Across the many industries that we service, we have learnt what works for varying organisations and as such are well placed to support you every step of the way.

API Software Integration

Linking software services can be a difficult task, but iSOS is experienced in building dedicated middleware to ensure every part of your software is linked optimally. All of our middleware is bespoke to the requirements of each business, as well as tailored to each piece of custom software used by the business, and is built and tested to recognised robust standards.

We have experience linking together bespoke and existing software solutions with multiple API’s, creating sustainable internal integrations which can help improve the overall function of a business, leading to less down-time and more complex connectivity between internal systems. Find out more about our API integration capabilities.

Software Maintenance & Updates

Identifying issues with software can be difficult, especially when custom programs are being utilised or you’re fixed to a specific timescale. Planning maintenance and update procedures before making invasive changes is something iSOS take very seriously. We take careful steps to ensure there is no loss of data and minimal down-time.