FileMaker Hosting Services

Once you have invested in a FileMaker Pro database solution you need to ensure that it operates quickly and efficiently. Our UK-based FileMaker Enterprise Hosting service harnesses dedicated server hardware using industry-leading technology, which results in a high-performance yet affordable environment for your FileMaker databases.


In other words, we know what is required to ensure the fastest, most reliable performance for your FileMaker database and our FileMaker hosting service provides that to you. If that is all you need to know then contact us and let us handle the rest.

Whether your database is a stock management system, a booking system or process management system we can tailor your hosting to suit your organisation.

FileMaker Hosting


FileMaker Enterprise

FileMaker Enterprise
Hosting Plus

FileMaker Enterprise
Hosting Premium

CPU Cores 4 12
RAM 16GB 32GB 64GB
Storage 2TB 4TB
Storage RAID RAID 1 RAID 10
Operating System

Windows Server or Cent OS 7

Offsite Backup Daily
Security Updates Monthly
Monthly Price £Call £Call £Call
Yearly Cost £Call £Call £Call


Contract Length 12 Months

All prices exclude UK VAT at 20%.

The prices listed above do not include the cost of FileMaker Server Licenses, nor any work on your database beyond its initial setup. If you require FileMaker support we can offer this on a pay-as-you-go basis or paid in advance at a lower hourly rate.