Analytics Services

Knowing how your digital marketing strategy is performing is crucial to its ongoing success, from a budgetary perspective. We monitor this performance closely through our analytics services, using industry standard tools to measure, tweak, and improve your ongoing SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Email Marketing campaigns.

Each month, we’ll provide you with a series of reports that break down in detail how your campaign is performing, including crucial metrics and measurements that provide a clear overview of all the various aspects of your marketing performance. This information is used to constantly improve your digital marketing strategy, making the collaborative process of improving your website much easier.

Mobile Analytics

Alongside our analytics services, we also provide tailored mobile analytics to highlight how well your campaign is reaching mobile users. Increasing mobile usage has driven up the demand for reliable mobile analytics services, and iSOS firmly believes in giving you the broadest possible understanding of how every aspect of your responsive website and mobile app performs; this clarity gives us a greater insight into how to reach your digital marketing objectives.

We offer all our Analytics data to our clients in many different forms. Whichever statistics they want broken down further, we go into more details. If they want a new avenue monitored, we can add this to our report. Like many of our services, we tailor the content to our client’s requirements.

Contact us to learn more about Analytics insights and how we can use them to benefit your business.