UI & UX Web Design

At iSOS we take a pragmatic approach to web design. This means that we prioritise two factors above all else:

  • A great user experience
  • Form follows function

This commitment to designing something that is fit for purpose and easy for the user to navigate inevitably delivers a website that will support your organisation’s commercial objectives. If you are looking to invest in fully user-focused web design, either as part of a full web development project or as a stand-alone re-skin to an existing site, then you already understand that getting the user interface design right at the design phase assists a return on investment (ROI).

UX Web Design Process

We follow a well-established UI/UX web design process:

  1. User Observation

    The industry you are in and the purpose of your website will dictate how users need to interact with it. Whilst there are many “norms” that cross all boundaries we find that the best place to start the process is with your existing website visitors. Following discussion with you on what you want to achieve from your website we will carry-out in-depth analysis into how users have historically interacted with your current website. How many have fulfilled the desired action (converted)? What has been a barrier to this for other users? This will show how good their user experience has been so far. We can determine, what they have interacted positively with, what they have struggled with and what they have ignored altogether.

  2. Planning

    Once we understand the patterns of behaviour of your existing website visitors we can start to develop user interface design ideas that will facilitate website visitors finding what they are looking for as easily as possible. Where this does not exactly match your objectives for the website we will then look at the user journey that leads to a point of conversion. Here we are answering the question “How can we take a website visitor from landing page to point of conversion as effectively as possible?”

  3. Build

    When it comes to creating the UX design we have developed a refined combination of long-established design principles with cutting edge design techniques. This enables us to create a look and feel that will work today and be future proofed as the way that users' interactions with websites evolve. In our experience an iterative build process is the best way to develop a successful UX web design that will satisfy our clients.

This enables you to feed into the designs at each of the four stages:

  • Wireframes
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing

Take a look at some of our web design case studies to see what we have achieved for other clients.

User Experience Design Tools

Our web design team use industry standard tools (and some lesser-known gems) such as:

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • InVision
  • Sketch
  • Proto.io

Our UI/UX web design services start from £3000. If you would like to have a chat about what we can do for your organisation please contact us.