Database Design - UI / UX

Database Design

A database should be a functional solution to performing complex tasks within an internal system, which is why a good database design is so integral to the overall function. Typically an organisation’s database will hold information that needs to be accessed on a regular basis. Therefore, it is imperative that the database user interface (UI) is easy to navigate for the users required, so they can access appropriate information efficiently. Complicated database interfaces which offer a bad user experience (UX) are more likely to hold inaccurate data as users struggle to fulfil the intended tasks correctly. A bad interface will typically also impact the efficiency of an organisation due to the time it takes for users to navigate the database and complete the task in hand.

As a FileMaker Platinum Partner we are well versed in developing complex commercial FileMaker databases with effective, easy to use user interfaces. See some examples of our database projects. We follow a well-established process for designing databases, ensuring that our clients’ criteria is met and exceeded through anticipation of workflow. As an experienced database design company, we have worked extensively on both Windows and Apple Mac platforms. We can ensure that your database is a seamless system that can be used across all platforms. Depending on your organisation’s needs and infrastructure we will advise on the best FileMaker solutions for you which will inform the overall design. For example ensuring that the database UI works effectively across the FileMaker Go iPad and iPhone solution or the FileMaker Web Direct browser based solution for organisations with a mobile workforce.

We start by assessing how users currently interact with your existing database and analyse whether they are utilising it as intended, or not. Are there any missed opportunities? Are there any common road-blocks? Is everyone following the same journey to fulfil the same task, or are there multiple routes to completion? Is this more or less efficient for your organisation?

The next stage involves developing ideas on how the database UX could be improved to better achieve the organisation’s objectives. Once we have established the best function we start creating the form by building the first iteration of the entire design, leaving us with a working prototype that we can further develop.

We use a range of industry standard tools, as well as some more unique programs. These include:

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • InVision
  • Sketch

Our best practice UX digital design techniques ensure that you will get a database solution which is easy to navigate, compatible with a wide range of platforms and is simple to upgrade with new applications and features. This will increase your organisation’s data integrity and overall efficiency.

Our varied body of work is a testament to the variety of challenges we love taking on. Whether big or small, our work encapsulates our principle that ‘form follows function’, and that good design should encompass more than how a product looks, but how it works too.

Our database design services start from around £4000. All our databases are bespoke, so contact us for more information on this pricing.