Claris FileMaker Pro Database Technologies

The Claris FileMaker Pro Platform and its technologies permit solutions to be rapidly created and modified. It's robust, relational database architecture scales to hundreds of users, and the intuitive interface results in higher productivity.

Claris FileMaker Pro coordinates data structure, business rationale, and user interface creation instruments into a complete solution. 

At iSOS, we concentrate on rapid development and scalability, working with two key database technologies, FileMaker Pro and MySQL. Both of these powerful database technologies give us flexibility and means of full integration. This enables us to cover everything from marketing management through to sales order processing and customer relationship management.

FileMaker Pro and MySQL are very different animals, key to making everything possible. Please get in touch so that we can get started with developing your FileMaker database today.

The Difference between Claris FileMaker Pro & MySQL

Claris FileMaker Pro is a complete system that enables you to easily control the visual aspect of your database and how data is stored. MySQL is a relational database management system that is all about data storage. It is most commonly deployed on a web server in conjunction with scripting language, PHP. This allows the developer to present your data to a web browser producing an online database. The most popular development platform on the web at the moment is a combination of PHP and MySQL. This is because they are both freely available to everyone for use and modification (open source). This is why MySQL and PHP are a good starting point for a variety of projects offering flexibility and easy access for developers.

While the FileMaker Pro application is not open source, the databases that we build for you are. This enables you to export your data to other systems and gives you full access to every bit of code that we develop for you so you might continue development yourself.

Exporting Data To Other Systems & Platforms

The MySQL and Filemaker databases we build can translate your data into a range of standard formats including popular spreadsheet compatible extensions; CSV and Tab Delimited. This means that you will be able to merge the data with Word, and export as HTML tables, or work directly with Excel. Our database MySQL and Filemaker technologies can also collude with systems that import and export XML.

You might want us to implement a system that talks directly to your accounts package, which can help you avoid human error and the need for time consuming double entry.

Rapid Development With Claris FileMaker Pro

Getting from concept to completion with FileMaker Pro in a third of the time, at a third of the price needed to develop a web technology, is an opportunity not to be missed. Pound for pound we can get more functionality into FileMaker Pro faster, which is one of the main reasons we cannot ignore it as a serious development platform. For customers who need a prototype system, FileMaker is often perfect.

We hope we have helped you understand the benefit of FileMaker Pro database technologies and welcome you to contact us should you have any further questions. As a FileMaker platinum partner and member of the Drupal association, we are also able to develop an integrated management system offering FileMaker, Drupal and Xero accounts integration.