Claris FileMaker Database Development

Everyone's Needs Are Unique

As a Claris FileMaker platinum partner we have the experience, logic and expertise to tailor our database development to your business. We begin by listening to your story. Every piece of the puzzle is important to us and your history helps us understand what makes your approach unique. Understanding the difficulties you've encountered along the way in finding the correct database software, enables us to better your experience. Where you want to be in the future, gives us a sense of your priorities.

Once we have all the pieces to the puzzle, we'll apply our extensive experience and perhaps even reshape the puzzle completely. We'll present you with a proposed way forward that makes complete sense and gives you and your team confidence. Please contact us today so that we can begin piecing together your businesses database development solution.

Technical Specification

Long gone are the days where a company could hand you a solution, and you had to learn to live with it! We will develop a technical specification that outlines every aspect of your Claris FileMaker database. Once this has been agreed upon, we'll get on with some coding.

FileMaker Database Development

Getting the project to a stage where we can share the process with you is our priority. Including you in the database development through the build of your system enables us to complete the project sooner and in line with your expectations. Our developers are experts at database design and we'll keep you in the loop the entire duration. We'll chop larger projects into stages to simplify our approach to completion. We pay attention to stage testing and sign off before we move forward. 

Final Approval

Final testing your new FileMaker database thoroughly with you and your team before it goes live reduces the amount of frustration and support required after the system is deployed. The testing measures we use will differ from project-to-project as the technologies and environments will vary. If there is a requirement to have a system publicly tested we'll arrange for our approved community of software testers to pull it apart.

FileMaker Database Training

Upon acceptance of our work, we’ll provide you and your staff with the Claris FileMaker training necessary to work with the product. If required we'll provide documentation as well.

Ongoing Maintenance

Finishing the project is not always the end. You will have new ideas and things you may want to change as your requirements evolve. We remain at your side to help and are always just a call away. We can remotely access your system using our remote support software, which means elements can be changed or added in an instant. If disaster was to strike, we would execute the restoration of your systems through the Mac backup strategies put in place at deployment.

Get in contact with us now so that we can get started on your Claris FileMaker database development. You can also find out more about our Custom FileMaker Integrations and FileMaker & Xero Integration.