Custom Claris FileMaker Integration

Using our experience developing custom FileMaker databases, we take this service further by integrating the appropriate databases into the various aspects of your internal and external systems. We know the importance of having unhindered access to your data across your IT infrastructure; to this end, we have worked closely with many businesses to create lasting and unique Claris FileMaker solutions.

Over the years we have developed many different solutions that integrate web platforms with FileMaker. Some of these include: 

Alongside CMS web integration, we can link FileMaker with a wide range of web-based API’s, including our Xero integration service. We can also ensure you have full access to your databases through any of our custom web design and SaaS connectivity projects.

Using Apple based technologies? Our FileMaker developers can integrate with OSX and iOS apps using Swift and can deliver mobile device and/or browser solutions with FileMaker Go and FileMaker Web Direct.

Contact our experts in the Apple Consultants Network for more information.

Non-web FileMaker Integration

An effective internal system is also made up of many offline parts. These can be critical to a good IT infrastructure; we can ensure you have full access to the database software through a range of popular applications. These include:

  • DECT Phone Systems
  • TAPI Phone Systems
  • BreatheHR
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Home Automation
  • ODBC
  • QuickBooks
  • Sagepay

We have also built and maintained custom REST integrations for FileMaker, as well as JSON parser to help us integrate FileMaker databases remotely. Contact us if you’d like to know about the many other services we can integrate with Claris FileMaker.