Mac Server Installation Services

Whatever the nature of your business or organisation putting an Mac Server in place is an important step in ensuring that you can work collaboratively, stably and securely. But putting a server in place might be a daunting prospect. Don’t worry, for the Apple tech support team at iSOS, it is second nature. 

As part of our Mac server installation, our IT helpdesk will make sure that all the elements which are required to keep it running stably for years to come are in place. Deploying it in a way that gives you access from anywhere in the world is important to us. Any number of Apple services can be turned on during the server installation process, including file sharing, mail, calendaring, address book sharing and many others that come as standard on an Apple Mac server: 

File Sharing

It's now easier than ever to share folders, exchange files, and access documents on a Mac, iPad, or PC.

Profile Manager

Profile Manager simplifies deploying, configuring, and managing the Mac computers and iOS devices in your organization.

Caching Server

Caching Server speeds up the download and delivery of software through the App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes Store, iTunes U, and iBooks Store.

Xcode Server

Xcode Server makes it easier than ever for Mac or iOS development teams to create robust, reliable software. 

Time Machine

OS X Server can act as a designated Time Machine backup location for all the Mac computers on your network.

Wiki Server

OS X Server makes it easy for groups to collaborate and communicate through their own wiki-powered website.

Calendar, Contacts and Mail Servers

Calendar Server makes sure everyone on the network knows where to be and when to be there. 

Xsan 4

Xsan is a powerful and scalable solution for storage consolidation. Everyone in your organisation can have fast, concurrent access to terabytes of centralised data.

VPN Server

Virtual private network (VPN) access enables your offsite users to securely connect to your network and its services, while preventing access by unauthorized individuals.

Messages Server

Messages Server brings the collaborative power of instant messaging to your organisation. 


NetInstall is designed for administrators who manage operating system installations and software updates for their organisations.

Contact us to find out about streamlining the IT in your organisation with an Apple server. You may also be interested in our workstation installation service for new employees or our Apple Mac IT support options, to give you constant peace of mind when it comes to the IT systems in your business.