Apple Mac Workstation Installation

Whether you are a growing organisation, are updating your equipment or are transitioning to Apple, we can support you in making the right choices for your business’s needs. Who to buy your Apple Mac from is always the first question. As a service company, iSOS is not guided by margin on a product we might sell to you, but on the value you get from who you choose. We work closely with the Apple Store in Brighton and once we understand your requirements we will advise you on exactly what you need to buy from them.

Making Sure It All 'Just Works'

When our Apple tech support team setup your new Macs, they will make a point of discussing all of your requirements with you and will ensure you understand the Apple business support we provide. How you plan to use it, what network functionality you're expecting to be available and all the things you would like to be in place, such as; email, contacts and calendaring. If you're migrating from an older system we'll get you moved across smoothly so that your new computer is not burdened by any unnecessary files. Are you also concerned about losing your data? We also specialise in data backup services.

Connecting Your Devices - from iPads to Printers

In a fast evolving digital world, connecting your computer to third party devices is paramount to any business. Our workstation installation service will cover all the bases for you. Whether you want to use your iPad, iPhone or a printer with your new Apple Macs, we will test all of your devices to make sure they are connected and working properly. This includes getting things in sync so that you can look at your email on your iPhone or book meetings in your calendar via your iPad. Do you ever have frustrating network problems? You can also find out about our office network support service by sending us a contact message.

Multiple Workstation Installation

Need a Job Lot? If you need to deploy multiple office workstations or a large computer lab to enable your staff or students to hot desk on a high-speed network, our Apple tech support team like nothing more than to deploy computers en masse. Streamlining the process gives us great joy and our technical IT support team are always up for the challenge of a multiple workstation installation. 

If you are ready to get going with your Apple Mac workstation installation, or have any questions about our service, then please contact us today so that we can get started. We also provide server installation services.