Apple Mac IT Support

We specialise in offering Apple tech support to local small and medium size organisations. Our client portfolio includes schools, colleges, hospitals and publishing companies to name a few. All of whom have enjoyed the easy and quick remote access to our Apple business support team and personal touch with the option of on-site consultancy. If you are looking for technical support then our Apple tech support services are for you. We offer:

A Personal Touch with On-site Consultancy

Our remote IT support is highly effective but there are times when anything but a human simply won’t do. If you prefer a personal touch we are happy to provide regular on-site Macintosh computer support. On request, one of our Apple tech support specialists can come and visit you for consultancy purposes, installing or repairing Apple Mac computers or their networks.

Office Network Support

We are Apple certified and offer a thorough consultation with all our network support customers. This enables us to provide the best network infrastructure possible for your organisation.

Terminal points fixed to the walls are known as Hardwired networks. They are still the fastest and most reliable method of networking. On average they are 10 times faster than wireless technology and far more secure. However, we understand that you may require wireless access in your office and that's why we recommend a hybrid infrastructure. This will deliver the benefit and convenience of a wireless access point with the speed and reliability of a hardwired network.

We will bring you up to speed immediately and if serious repairs are required, we will discuss an appropriate plan of action. You might want to extend your wireless signal, improve your internet connectivity or simply hear some friendly advice. Contact us now to find out how we can help you with our network support services.

A Reliable Virtual IT Department

Acting as your virtual IT department, we supply IT support services and Apple business systems advice. This provides you with a highly personal service, delivering first class support to your staff every working hour of the day, on every business day. Our service won't take a holiday, have sick days or arrive late for work. We will always be there to support you with your IT needs.

An IT Solution That Saves You Money

You don't need to invest in a full-time employee, and our service will always cost less than an equivalent internal IT support person or team - whilst delivering much more. Our Apple tech support is always available to provide expert help from the most trivial issue to high level, strategic consultancy.

Why Outsource?

47% of businesses now opt for an outsourced IT department to save money on recruiting their own department and draw from the support of experts in the industry. According to a survey by DTI, this could be attributed to the increased reliance on technology. More than 90% of UK businesses now send email, browse the Internet and have a company website. Without a robust Apple tech support your business could be at risk from data loss, staff downtime or miss out on key opportunities with network and server problems. All of these issues can be easily avoided with the right IT support in place.

Whether you are a family run business, college, hospital or publisher, we aim to provide our clients with a workable IT system which not only matches their specific criteria but is also flexible enough to allow for expansion. By opting to work with smaller organisations, we are able to provide tailored Apple tech support and consultancy that will free up your time to run the rest of your business effectively. 

Investing in an Apple Mac IT support system is less about the product and more about finding the right solution to help your business develop.

A Human Approach to IT

At iSOS, we believe in putting the customer first and are committed to offering exceptional customer service. Our Apple business support services are selected solely for the benefit of our customers, we choose the products that will best suit your requirements.

We employ a proactive approach to IT Support – identifying the problems before they impact on your business. 

As part of our goal to provide our customers with a human approach to IT, a dedicated technical team will be allocated to you. They will be responsible for maintaining your IT systems and the same engineer who conducts your audit will also be available to answer any queries you may have. 

Find out how we can tailor our Apple tech support services to suit your business by contacting us today.