24/7 Remote Server Monitoring

We believe that all of our clients deserve peace of mind and we’re proud to be chosen by our clients to look after their IT infrastructure.

To ensure we can offer the best possible service, we are excited to be launching 24/7 Remote Server Monitoring.

This service alerts us to issues before they become critical, so we can resolve them in advance. Additionally, it gives us more information on the cause of problems after they happen.

Designed to complement our Remote Server Checkup service, our system will monitor your server, checking 6 key metrics:

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Storage access
  • Storage space
  • Network traffic
  • Network errors

In the case that any one of these metrics falls outside a safe threshold, or your server goes down, we will begin investigation and inform you of the plan of action.

Additionally, if you are subscribed to our Guaranteed Response SLA, one of our Apple tech support team will get back to you within 1 or 4 hours, depending on which response time you have opted for.

Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve and for only £20 per month let us monitor your server’s health remotely, today.