Web Apps

Bespoke Web Applications

The way in which audiences interact with websites in the last few years has changed drastically, with the shift from traditional websites to bespoke web applications increasing. The growing use of mobile devices and platforms has resulted in dynamic new methods of interaction being necessary, with people expecting more immersive UI experiences whenever they visit a website.

At iSOS, we have a dedicated team of JavaScript, C#, and UX experts who are well versed in the language of application scripting; we like to think of ourselves as language (and technology) agnostic. As such, we can use our varied knowledge and experience to create a tailored development solution, choosing the best system and framework based on the job.

We’ve built many web applications over the years using a variety of PHP frameworks, including:

  • Drupal
  • Symfony
  • Laravel
  • WordPress
  • SlimPHP

We also have strong understanding of multiple JavaScript frameworks such as NodeJS, AngularJS, and jQuery.

Hosting your application is also important, and we have plenty of experience managing IT infrastructure and finding the best possible hosting solutions for bespoke web applications.

Interested in a bespoke web application for your organisation? Contact us and make the shift into new dynamic web territory. Our web application prices start from £5000.