iOS Apps

iPhone & iPad Applications

Apple iOS delivers powerful possibilities for fully functional applications on mobile devices; whether your iPhone or iPad application requirements are consumer facing and will be available on the largest App Store in the world, or are an Enterprise App for use within your organisation. We’ve been working closely with Apple technologies for many years and have deep, long-term experience in all iOS devices. This gives us significant insight into and understanding of the iOS building-blocks, ensuring effective usability of your app across Apple devices. Furthermore, we provide dedicated IT support as part of the Apple Consultants Network, as well as Apple server installations and Mac IT support.

Through this experience, we have a deep understanding of the iOS development process; our team is highly skilled in full-stack iOS application creation, from inception to App Store submission. The result is a highly functional and beautiful iOS and iPhone application, built to specification. We also bring our experience of designing UI’s across other products to help users engage with your application.

iOS Dev Services

Our iOS dev services include product design and development, wireframing, prototyping, iterative development and testing, and we can also take care of the entire submission process for you. If you’re more interested in an enterprise targeted app, not for App Store submission, we can develop for you too.

Apple retains a high standard for all applications on iOS, and iSOS meets these standards by adhering closely to the technical guidelines set out by Apple. On top of our technical knowledge, our design experience helps us create a highly functional and attractive UX.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, refers to purchases that take place on a mobile device. With a September 2015 research report stating that the UK m-commerce sector is currently worth £9.7bn and is expected to grow to £53.6bn by 2024 (source) it is hardly surprising that online retailers are investing in responsive websites and mobile apps. As users become more accustomed to purchasing in this way organisations who do not offer an m-commerce solution will find themselves being overlooked by potential customers.

As part of our development brief we will make sure that your iPhone App is able to accept and effectively process payments immediately. We can also integrate these payments with your database and accounting systems if required. 

Apple Pay Integration

Apple Pay will further increase the use of m-commerce by consumers. It facilitates frictionless card payments on iOS, eliminating the need for any manual typing of card or shipping details by your customer. Payments can be authorised with TouchID or an Apple Watch. As part of our iOS development service we will recommend the integration of Apple Pay into your m-commerce system, in order to future-proof your payment gateway as the adoption of Apple Pay grows.

Whether you are looking for an easy to use asset to add to your organisation or want to reach new target customers via mobile iSOS can develop a suitable iPhone application for you. Our iOS app development services start from £5000. Contact us to find out how we can approach your problem.