Orro Bikes

From the heart of Sussex, Orro Bikes produce a range of expertly engineered and designed bicycles for both on and off-road usage. The surrounding countryside provides ample testing ground to further the innovative development of these brilliantly built bicycles. Orro is driven by four core values when it comes to manufacturing; Quality, Performance, Innovation, and Style.

The Situation

Orro sought a renewed online presence to drive sales, with a focus on a user-friendly e-commerce website to showcase their bikes and company ethos clearly. On top of this, the company wanted to switch focus to content-driven engagement, using images and bespoke design to drive conversions and generate new marketing opportunities.

As Orro had grown in prestige over the years, we knew everything we would be supplying would need to meet this high-quality aesthetic.

The Solution

Close consultancy helped us get a better idea of Orro’s brand, goals, and overall objectives with the new site. From here, we dove straight into the initial digital design and conceptualisation stage, also laying out the technical foundations for the new site.

To start, we designed the homepage to display large, high-quality images as standard, each showcasing the brand and products, as well as linking through to relevant parts of the website. We took inspiration from our bespoke app design work, creating an easily accessible UI for the site across all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile), with large blocks indicating clickable areas and creating an organically flowing layout. This large space provided ample opportunity to communicate with potential customer’s moments after landing on the homepage, whilst also maintaining the integrity of the website’s design and layout.

We wanted to make this space feel natural and knew this could be achieved with a combination of Orro’s quality assets and our own experience in digital design. The brand is an essential aspect of Orro’s culture, so we made sure our design efforts reflected this consistently, with a particular focus on unique selling points such as technology, innovation, and British heritage.

Our ‘two-way sales journey’ strategy served to provide consumers with a choice on how they shop with Orro. Our routes included a traditional one, allowing customers to purchase bikes and accessories in the familiar catalogue style, or a tailored journey including bespoke images and webpages to introduce the Orro brand and technologies in more detail, providing more in-depth information on the products.

The Results

The final framework of the Orro e-commerce website was a bespoke Drupal Commerce build. Our experience in this platform helped us create a suitably content-rich website, with images and webpages responsive across desktop, mobile, and tablet. We used TinyPNG integration to upload and compress pictures, using a technique to reduce the file size but maintain high quality.

The website also came integrated with a custom-built checkout process, social feed via Juicer, Sage accounting and stock control, search powered by Apache Solr, MailChimp list integration and a retailer search function using Google Maps. To further optimise the checkout process, we also added an abandoned cart email system to send follow-up emails to users who exit the checkout. To encourage further conversions, we are also in the process of implementing Exit-Intent technology in the checkout; this can detect user’s behaviour and prompts them with a targeted coupon at the precise moment they are about to abandon the cart.

To top it all off, we learnt from our past Drupal projects and opted to create a custom bulk product creation, management, and importation tool to augment Drupal Commerce’s existing product importer, improving the UI and overall functionality for the site moderators.

What we did

  • Drupal eCommerce development
  • Digital design
  • Custom checkout
  • Bespoke display for Signature bikes (www.orrobikes.com/signature-bikes)
  • Sage accounting integration (for stock and orders)
  • MailChimp integration
  • Social feed via Juicer
  • Apache Solr search with faceted product catalogue (Ajax filters)
  • Postcode anywhere integration
  • Sagepay & Paypal integration