Morgan Classic Wines

The Situation

Morgan Classic Wines had a dated website which needed rebuilding and modernising. Their current website had a large catalogue of wines which needed to be migrated to the new website. The website needed to integrate with winesearcher so that the wines from the website could be listed here automatically. Customers should be able to reserve wines through the website but payments would be handled externally. One page that was important to have was one to show all wines available, this should be exportable to spreadsheet software.

The Solution

The brief for the website was a good fit for an e-commerce model as such we decided to use Drupal Commerce as a base. Payments were omitted from the ordering process and the checkout was rebranded as a reservation. A script was created to migrate all of the wines from their old website into the structure required for the new one to avoid having to re-enter vast amount of data manually. The catalogue was optimised with various categories and features assigned to each wine to allow customers to filter search results and quickly find exactly what they were looking for.

An XML product feed was created for winesearcher to give them realtime visibility over the full stock of wines being advertised by Morgan Classic Wines.

The wine list download page did cause some problems initially due to the sheer number of wines listed. These issues were quickly overcome by adding some custom caching to this page which allowed the webserver to retrieve the relevant data more efficiently and deliver the page much more quickly.

The Result

Morgan Classic Wines now have a clean and modern website with a highly searchable catalogue displaying all of their wines, an exportable wine list for trades and all of their wines can now be listed by winesearcher.

What We Did

  • Drupal Commerce
  • Content Management System
  • CSV Export
  • XML Product Feed