The Hanging Lantern Company

The Hanging Lantern Company are one of the UK and Europe’s leading distributors of paper lanterns, LED Wireless lighting and wedding decor, with all products made in their own factory.

They have an in house Wedding & Event team and a creative studio which uses the latest Trotec Laser cutting technologies. This enables them to develop and create completely bespoke and personalised décor for weddings, events and Visual Merchandisers.

The Situation

The goal was to take a legacy Drupal 6 Ubercart site and rebuild it into a new Drupal Commerce website. We had to be mindful of migrating as many of the existing URL structures as possible as the Ubercart site already ranked very well in the Search Engines. With this in mind we also wanted to introduce Facets into the shopping experience as well as keeping all the existing categories browsable.

The client’s vision was to make the buying process a visual experience by having lots of beautiful content which inspires the user. The new direction in e-commerce is to have content driven commerce, which the site achieved wonderfully well. Drupal and Drupal Commerce is the perfect tool to build a content driven commerce website because of the flexibility it gives us.

The Solution

We started with rounds of planning meetings; this involved planning the new site architecture, planning the content types, category structure, facets, data import / product mapping, wireframing all the main content types and then onto the design phase.

A full SEO migration was also planned and implemented, with the following taken into consideration: 

  • Site Architecture
  • Content Migration & Mapping
  • Navigation Optimisation
  • Page Titles and Meta Data
  • Redirect Strategy

Great attention to detail was given to the user experience, user interface design and user workflow aspects of the new site. We wanted to ensure we’d meet the client’s bespoke web design requirements, as well as develop a mobile responsive website to ensure maximum exposure of the new site and features.

The customer’s buying journey has been thought about thoroughly, the customer can browse through to products visually through the inspiring Themes, Weddings and Inspiration areas or directly to the products using the traditional category / search method.

The Result

The website has been a huge success for The Hanging Lantern Company, furthering their status as the UK and Europe’s leading distributors of paper lanterns. Sales have increased and the website now reaches and appeals to a much wider audience.

We are absolutely delighted with the response which the business has had from the website and it has been a very worthwhile investment.

What we did

Here are just of the items we undertook.

  • Mobile responsive website design & build
  • Faceted product catalogue with Ajax filters
  • SEO Migration
  • Up-Sell Module in cart, product, checkout
  • Postcode anywhere integration
  • Sagepay & Paypal integration
  • Custom Reports


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