Fox Wilson

Handmade in London, and further refined at Orro Bikes HQ in the heart of Sussex, Fox Wilson develops innovative sports clothing tailored for modern urban cyclists. The garments have a quintessential British quality and design, powered by technology and sustainable materials, but are also unique in their effortless combination of style and comfort, on or off the saddle.

The Situation

Performance tailoring is Fox Wilson’s speciality, so during our first audit, we focused on how their website could be tailored to their target audiences. We set about creating a series of concepts which, using feedback from our initial survey of Fox Wilson (as well as our expertise) illustrated several options for a content-rich, easy to use eCommerce website.

Part of the design challenge would be adequately representing the benefits of Fox Wilson’s products using primarily visual means. The client has a reliable brand, and we wanted to use this to our advantage and let their ethos speak for itself.

The Solution

Our initial framework for the website outlined the typical user journey for the desired converting consumer. This was based on the analytics of similar destination paths, as well as our own experiences of designing effective e-commerce websites. For the style of the site, we took inspiration from our previous web app design projects by using large clickable areas to showcase images, products, and offers easy, while also ensure browsing would be fully responsive across mobile, desktop, and tablet.

The website would be built in Drupal Commerce as part of a multisite with Orro Bikes, with bespoke HTML functions and high-quality resolution images front and centre. We utilised a lossless compression technique which reduced file-load times but kept images at a superior quality. This integration, via TinyPNG, was extremely helpful for ensuring Fox Wilson’s website would not suffer or slow due to hi-res image loading.

A consistent digital branding, tone of voice, and design aesthetic between Orro and Fox Wilson were also important. The respective products complement each other, but we wanted to go beyond this and lay the foundations uniting the brand that encompassed both. The focus on quality, ultimate function, and British pride would be the hallmark of the organisation, and we moved forward creating every piece of content and digital design asset with this in mind.

Alongside our robust Drupal Commerce framework, further custom API integrations helped make the site as useful and user-friendly as possible. Our custom checkout process automatically sent follow up emails to users who abandoned their carts, encouraging conversions via exclusive offers and friendly interactions. Alongside this, we included a social feed integration via Juicer, bringing more engaging visual content to the website while also encouraging customers to explore Fox Wilson’s social channels.

The Results

As per our initial digital design brief, the final website was a visually rich, easily manageable eCommerce shop built via Drupal. We used content-centric design to put the brand at the forefront of each webpage; we believed the British heritage and modern-technical aspirations of the company would inspire followers across social and traditional channels, and ultimately conversions.

We were eager to strike a balance between visual content and UX design in the final product. The finished project utilised the fluidity of a traditional app-based layout but also took advantage of unique web-based applications and tools. This resulted in a deceptively deep eCommerce website; easy to manage but very rewarding to consumers who visit, ultimately bringing them back.

What we did

  • Drupal eCommerce development
  • Digital design
  • UX design
  • Custom checkout
  • Sage accounting integration (for stock and orders)
  • Apache Solr search with faceted product catalogue (Ajax filters)
  • Postcode anywhere integration
  • Sagepay & Paypal integration
  • MailChimp integration
  • Social feed via Juicer