Eclectic Auctions

Eclectic Auctions are UK based online auction house for classic cars, bikes and desirables. Users worldwide are able to submit their own items for auction as well as bid on rolling live auctions. Eclectic Auctions provide free listings for sellers and a fair 5% commission fee for buyers. With a well connected network of individual buyers, collectors and dealers established over 25 years, Eclectic Auctions is able to reach extensive target markets in the UK, most of Europe and throughout Asia.

The Situation

Eclectic Auctions came to & as they wanted to create a new bespoke online auction platform where users could sell, bid on and buy classic vehicles and desirables. They also wanted a page for fixed listing ads, a blog section and general content pages. From the outset, it was important for Eclectic Auctions to have complete flexibility built into the site in order for other desired features to be added further down the line. As such, the site was custom built from scratch specifically to be able to incorporate a backend that can adapt and grow with minimal work involved. One major requirement for the Eclectic Auctions site was the ability, on completion, for the site to be managed by a relatively small team regardless of traffic flow. The ability for the site to handle enormous workloads without any further major development as traffic increased was paramount.


The Solution

After some initial meetings and a full detailed specification was created, the project was first passed on to our design team. A number of rounds of high fidelity mockups were worked on until the design concept, brand identity and style guide were confirmed and agreed upon. Once the initial stage was signed off, we passed the project over to our development team who originally started investigating constructing the bespoke website in WordPress, due to to the pre built auction system modules that were available to us. At the time, this appeared to be the quickest and most effective choice, however the limitations of using an off the shelf system became clear. The requirements were too bespoke for Wordpress to handle and in order to achieve the functionality required for the complex backend of the site, it needed to be built from the ground up by our coders. Our developers quickly turned to Laravel. Laravel is an extremely popular web application framework that is used by developers worldwide. One of the main reasons for its popularity amongst site developers is the continual update and development work that Laravel strive for  - allowing developers to create bespoke websites with clean and simple code in relatively short periods of time. Throughout 2017, our developers worked hard on creating each element to this large bespoke site.


Challenges for iSOS

One of the biggest challenges our developers faced was getting the event-driven architecture into place for a reactive experience for the end user. This was crucial ‘must-have’, outlined by Eclectic Auctions from the offset and required a number of Laravel features such as Broadcasting, Events, Listeners, Notifications and Queues.

Another challenge faced was the testing of the bespoke features. The fact that there are multiple scenarios to the outcome of an auction, each triggering unique mechanisms in admin meant each and every outcome needed to be tested thoroughly and on every possible device that a customer could use. As not all users utilise the same browsers, further complexities are added, creating an enormous range of test scenarios across a broad range of devices.

In today’s world, when developing a new website it’s crucial that it is optimised for mobile devices and tablets as more of the world’s internet browsing now happens on these over desktop. Due to the size of the website, this is a task that took our developers longer than expected, ensuring that attention to detail for each different device was at the forefront of their minds.

The Results created a fully responsive, bespoke auction platform for Eclectic Auctions with particular emphasis on custom built auction features and a flexible backend admin portal. The website has been built with longevity and further development as the focus, making future development and amendments simpler. Throughout the construction process, built brand awareness to pre-empt launch, something which they have continued to do since the auction platform’s soft launch in December 2017.


What We Did:

  • Created the brand identity
  • Designed logo
  • Designed high fidelity mockups
  • Developed a bespoke website in Laravel
  • Built the site with a fast, mobile-friendly, future proof responsive design
  • Built a flexible backend admin area
  • Integrated with Stripe to handle payments
  • Added social feeds via
  • Set up a SSL Secure Connection