Boon Building Services Ltd is a £multi-million turnover company supplying high quality building solutions to the corporate, public and private sectors. Founded in 1990 the company has built its reputation on its ethical approach, its preference for sustainable solutions and the quality of its work.

The Situation

A device agnostic web application was required to be used for clocking staff in and out of Boon’s building sites across the UK. The app needed to integrate with their existing software that was under development and being used in Boon’s offices.

The office staff needed their desktop application to show accurate real time data so that they could maintain good visibility over each of their sites.

It was important that the application worked well across a range of devices including mobile phones, tablets and laptops as the app would be used onsite.

The Solution

AngularJS was selected as the platform to be used to develop the web application. This allowed us to create a rich user experience and allowed us to maximise on slow internet connections that could be present on some building sites.

An API was created so that the web app could communicate with the desktop application. We created the API in as this was the best technology choice to communicate with the desktop software.

The Result

The result is an app thats used everyday on multiple devices across the UK, staff use the app to clock-in to projects, induct staff, manage staff, timesheets and much more. The app has started to save the business money and is preventing buddy-clocking which was an issue.

What We Did

  • AngularJS Web application
  • 3G Optimisation, aggregating data and files to enable a lightweight mobile system (zero data on the device)
  • Client side optimisation of images for transfer over 3G
  • Realtime clock in and real time update of office system.
  • Cloud Service Bus
  • Geographic tracking with exclusion zone checking
  • Cloud web site for scale and performance