42MP are a management and production company who represent actors, writers and directors and produce film, television and content. They initially contacted us as they had no form of IT management, either internally or outsourced which was definitely a requirement. We sent one of our technical engineers up to visit them on site in London, for an initial meeting and survey.

The Situation

They have a large office with 25+ members of staff. Most of their Apple workstations needed upgrading, were running slow and were on different versions of macOS. They had a single ADSL line for internet and poor wifi availability within their premises.

They were primarily using the consumer grade cloud storage provider Dropbox as their internal file share, and paying a lot for the service in the process.

The Solution

We installed a mac mini server and a pfSense router into a new comms cabinet.   

The server was setup to host their contacts database, file share and VPN for remote workers.

The pfSense router was configured for use with a new EFM circuit with failover to their pre-existing ADSL line in case of emergencies.

The file share was then able to be compartmentalised into separate departments, for example, accounts and management are only visible to the relevant users with set permissions. All of the Apple workstations were then setup with access to the file share.

Many of their existing workstations were also upgraded with SSD’s, extra memory and as many as possible were upgraded to the latest version of macOS.

The Results

Once all of this work was carried out, we then became their IT support department, with their staff contacting us either via phone or email whenever a problem occurred.

Since we’ve set up a proper network at 42MP, with a mac mini server at the core, their IT headaches have largely gone away.