Working From Home

The ongoing Coronavirus outbreak is still making headlines. As a result of this, businesses will start to diversify with less face to face interaction and increased remote workflow.  As the outbreak continues to worsen and the number of cases increasing every day here in the UK, it’ll only be a matter of time before we are instructed to isolate ourselves. Google is the latest company to take action by telling its staff in North America to work from home.

At iSOS, we strive to make a difference in the IT industry and help out those who may be struggling to work during difficult times. We have a handful of services that can support working from home. Services include setup and support of cloud services, on-device IT assistance, security and consideration of much more. 

As you conduct conference calls and meetings, you will have to consider your own home’s background environment and noise. Although this is now seen as acceptable, we still suggest creating your own professional office setup and space in the comfort of your own home. 

Through the use of TeamViewer, Microsoft Remote Desktop, ScreenSharing, and so forth, we can offer IT assistance for mac computers wherever you may be in the UK without having to be physically there with you. We would connect to your mac computer through the TeamViewer software and address the issue at hand there and then.  With our Apple tech support, you can relax in the knowledge that the IT systems for your business are being professionally managed, monitored and are secure.

On top of this, we also offer Cloud-based services. These services include setting up and maintaining G Suite and Office 365 for email and document collaborations, Ring Central, Zoom and Skype for virtual meetings and VoIP calls. We can also set up, assist and maintain your Drive so that you can share, edit and upload documents with your colleagues so you can collaborate online. We offer support for Google Team Drives, Office 365, Dropbox and Amazon S3 bucket; all great for file sharing.

We would also use Peer VPN solutions, such as LogMeIn Hamachi,  for connecting workgroups together which is always beneficial as your Peer-to-Peer file sharing is as private and safe as possible when you use a VPN connection.

Microsoft, Google, LogMeIn and Citrix have also just announced that they will be offering FREE enterprise-level licensing of 3-6 months on their meetings and collaboration projects. Having this available to you will help companies to transition to remote work, and we can guide you through the setup process. 


Here is a breakdown of what was covered in the writing above:

  • Setup, support and maintenance for GSuite or Office365 for emails and document collaboration 
  • Setup, support and maintenance for Virtual meetings on RingCentral, Zoom & Skype
  • Setup, support and maintenance for Calls on RingCentral, Zoom, VoIP & SIP Solution
  • Setup, support and maintenance for Google Team Drives, Office 365, Dropbox and S3 Bucket for file sharing 
  • Remote desktop access using TeamViewer, Microsoft Remote Desktop and ScreenSharing 
  • Setup, support and maintenance for Corporate VPN solutions for connecting from home to work servers
  • Setup, support and maintenance for Peer VPN solutions for connecting workgroups together


If you’re working from home, and need support we can help your businesses during this pandemic. To get in touch with our systems team to discuss the services listed above; please contact the support team on or call 01273 358100. 

iSOS IT consultant man working from home with his baby