iSOS FileMaker Framework

The quality of any project always depends on the quality of its foundations, we believe we have developed the best in the industry.

Here at iSOS we have produced lots of Claris FileMaker systems over the years and during that time have found ourselves replicating basic functionality time and time again. With that in mind, and in an effort to jump-start our development process for your projects we developed our FileMaker FrameWork. A well thought out, lightweight foundation that provides us with a consistent environment to create high quality, bespoke database applications for our customers.

We have spent a lot of time developing the FrameWork, and as Claris FileMaker consultants with years of experience we have learnt what works well and the common pitfalls to avoid. Our aim is always to develop the best possible bespoke solutions and using the FrameWork provides the foundations. Whilst there are countless starting point style solutions out there for FileMaker, some of which even ship with the software, we were conscious to not develop one of these products, all our Claris FileMaker databases are bespoke so we have deliberately kept the FrameWork as lightweight as possible to enable bespoke development.

The FrameWork handles core functionality such navigation, user and group security and search in a way which is modular and dynamic, allowing us to add rapidly add new features to the database without having to reinvent the wheel each time. All wrapped up in a user friendly, web style interface which can easily be customised to your needs.

However the real benefits to using our FrameWork are behind the scenes, a well organised and consistent FileMaker solution can speed up development time and allows our developers to stay focused on the bespoke aspects of your project. In the end, reduced development time equates to reduced end cost to you, the customer.

Project delivery is rarely the end of the story, there will always be ongoing maintenance, and as your business develops and grows so will your business processes. Your software needs to be able to handle this change in a rapid and cost-effective fashion. The FrameWork was created with this in mind which means that under the hood it adheres to industry best practices, and rigorously sticks to our internal naming conventions and procedures. Thanks to this, ongoing maintenance and development is made much easier and faster.