How valuable is your data? Don't overlook your Apple Mac backups!

Apple Mac backups are something that the majority of us overlook, blindly confident in our machines ability to retain the data we store on them. However, in the event of a disk failure or a machine failure, no backups equate to loss of critical data, which can put a swift end to your business.

macOS has for years included Apple Time Machine, a very user-friendly way of backing up your data. Setting it up is straightforward. Connect an external hard disk, ideally the same capacity as your primary hard disk or larger. Your Mac will ask you if you want to use it as your Time Machine backup disk. This is the very minimum we would recommend.

Time Machine backups are incremental, which means that if you accidentally overwrite or delete a file you’ve been working on, Time Machine will have several previous versions stored, so that you can pick out the exact version you want. In addition, you can boot & restore from a Time Machine disk from the macOS recovery partition, should your hard disk completely fail.

Of course there are other options available, if you would like the redundancy & security off an offsite backup. Paid cloud backup services like Crashplan can be installed on your machine, keeping a constant eye on your files, also keeping incremental file backups should the worst happen.

Whichever way you prefer to go regarding Apple Mac backups, we cannot overstate how important they are in both the business and personal environments.

We have years of experience, everything from a simple Time Machine backup to a 48TB RAID array.

If you would like our advice on, or assistance with setting up a backup for your Mac, please give our support team a call on 01273 358 100


Woman recovering her Apple Mac after a machine failure