The Benefits of Xero Consultancy and Integration

Just how important is integrating your existing internal systems with Xero? This depends on a number of factors. First of all, how closely you apply custom integrations within these systems will in-turn define the overall success of your subsequent Xero integrations. Remember that Xero is one of the most widely used accounting API’s on the market, and as such, it is flexible to the needs of a wide variety of businesses.

Whilst we don’t make accounting software, our knowledge and experience of Xero software integration is well established. Many businesses choose Xero for the same reasons; robust inventory and invoicing data, real-time access to accounts and cash-flow, and remote access to accounting information from anywhere with an internet connection. Our work has earned us a place as a Xero approved developer and we’ve since worked on a wide range of custom Xero integrations.

Tracking web based transactions

Commonly, we are asked to integrate website based transactions with Xero software, ensuring businesses have a much easier time managing online payments, safe in the knowledge that Xero will be tallying and adding these transaction to the overarching accounts of a business. This is also where our years experience of developing Drupal websites comes into play, as we are able to create a client website from the ground-up, ready built with custom Xero integrations, as well as any other web and back-end API integrations that are required

The benefits of tracking web based transactions via Xero integration are numerous. Firstly, when you are busy running a business, it adds more pressure if you have to calculate revenues and intake yourself. Before the advent of cloud computing and Xero software, profits would have to be calculated and manually entered into accounting documents. This meant that you’d either have to take the time to do it yourself, or pay someone to do it for you. In our experience, the majority of business owners want to oversee the finalised accounts process themselves; as such, around the clock access to Xero software via the simplicity of a website has become the most favourable way to do this.

Custom databases

iSOS is also experienced in developing custom databases, primarily using FileMaker for development. As such, many businesses we work with require a robust integration between custom databases and Xero software in order to maintain optimal operations. Tracking monetary intake and expenditure, especially within the early stages of a business, is extremely important for keeping on the path to success. It is usually within these early stages that funds are scarce and resources must be focused on crucial facets of operations. Secondly, it is also at the early stages in which expenditure is not yet known across various aspects of your business and must therefore be established as soon as possible.

With Xero integrated access to custom databases, managers and financial officers are given a much greater degree of control over how these resources are assigned, as well as constant and up-to-date information on various aspects of expenditure. Ultimately, this can help businesses sustain with greater ease and reach a point of profitability sooner.

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We are experienced Xero integrators, having worked with a broad variety of clients to ensure full Xero access across all internal systems. If you have a project you need help with, contact us and tell us more; we look forward to hearing from you.